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Please note that the Health Protocol for other farms where clinics are held may vary. Please contact the farm where the clinic is to be held to verify their procedures!

All Human Visitors and Auditors coming to clinics at Spring Brook Farm,LLC:

Wear clean clothing which has NOT been in contact with a horse or farm/stable other than Spring Brook Farm, LLC.

Use Virkon or other approved disinfectant spray for footwear and clothing before entering the stable area. Virkon is available at the entrance of the barn.

Refrain (yes, this is hard ) from touching a horse and then another horse and then another...wash hands and/or use disinfectant wipes available throughout the SBF barn and tack room.


All New Horses coming to BOARD at the farm for Long Term:

Incoming horses to the Spring Brook Farm LLC facility will be separated in a pasture and will remain without contact of another horse for a period of at least 14 days.

All incoming horses must have proof of recent vaccinations including:

  • Potomac Horse Fever
  • Flu Rhino
  • Rabies
  • Tetanus
  • West Nile Virus
  • EWE
  • Negative Coggins
  • (please call for information concerning Strangles)

A regular de-worming record must be presented to the manager of the farm and a fecal may be required to present to the farm vet for analysis.

All new horses to the farm will be allowed to use the indoor arena , but may not use the barn aisle cross ties until the quarantine period is finished.

Every effort must be made to keep a new horse from direct contact with a horse already at the farm.


Procedures for horses coming to the SBF facility for CLINICS:

All horses must present proof of Flu/Rhino vaccination within 90 days of all of the clinic dates.

Horses to be boarded daily and/or overnight for any time of the clinic at the SBF facility must bring their own feed tubs, water buckets, feed, hay, blankets, and other equipment.

If SBF,llc training equipment is used during the clinic, it must be disinfected with Virkon and cleaned throughly. Virkon and leather cleaning items are in the tack room.

Owners must be ready to present proof of regular worming and vaccination schedule on request. Vaccinations to be required are Flu Rhino (within 90 days of the clinic days) & EWE (within 1 year). A negative Coggins must be presented upon arrival at the farm.

If a horse DOES NOT have a regular vaccination schedule to present, the owner must provide a certificate of health dated within 10 days of the clinic and signed by a vet. Also, a signed statement from the manager or owner of the farm where the horse is coming from must be presented to SBF and the clinic organizer. This statement will say that the stable the horse comes from has not KNOWINGLY been sick or exposed to a horse with any contagious disease within 21 days before the clinic dates. A copy of this statement may be obtained from the clinic organizer.
(see clinic page)

SBF,LLC management reserves the right to refuse any horse access to the farm if health criteria are NOT met, and we reserve the right to update this health protocol as the need arises to remain disease-free as we can possibly manage.

Any horse showing any symptoms of illness will be examined by a veterinarian of Spring Brook Farm, LLC's choosing, and/or may be asked to leave the farm.

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